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Disclaimer Policy

All terms provided here and elsewhere on this website are governed by and construed in accordance with the Indian laws. If user is citizen of other country, law and provision of their country in similar situation will not apply here.  All members hereby agree to submit to personal jurisdiction in India.

We may change content on this website from time to time with or without notifying members. It is for members to visit the site for regular updates. Amended terms become effective from the date of being posted on  and using the site or our services after such revisions signifies your approval to the changes.

All types of memberships are paid and non-refundable on this platform. Refund queries or requests are not entertained unless member due to technical problem or ignorance paid double or excess amount (in the same account from same user). In this case, it will either be adjusted against future payment or refunded as per client’s wish.

This is a periodical membership so members need to renew their membership from time to time by paying a membership fees.  If not renewed, the member’s name will automatically be deleted from the list without any notice.

Relationship between members and users who find them through this platform is their own and has no financial or other business or non-business interests in it. We help you to promote your business but we take no responsibility for your failure or success, or make a commitment or promise that enlisting with us will guarantees success.

Renewal notice will however be sent before it is due on email and via SMS on mobile numbers provided by member. It is responsibility of member to send updates in case of change in address, email id, phone numbers, etc.

This agreement shall remain in force continuously from the date of membership until termination of the same.  Rights and duties of members cease on the day contract between and its members come to an end.

While becoming a member we assume that you represent and confirm the following:

  • You are a major, i.e. have attained 18 (eighteen) years of age or are older;
  • You are legal Indian citizen or resident of India or an entrepreneur or entity legally allowed to do business in India;
  • You aren’t ‘incompetent to contract’ as suggested in the Indian Contract Act, 1972; and
  • You are entering into and performing this Agreement, abiding by applicable Indian laws.

We accept wire transfer, online payment, check, draft, credit card payments but not cash, unless agreed. If you pay cash to our employees or representatives or (those posing as representative) and are at loss of identity or money in transit, we take no responsibility for the same. Before handing over cash to employees or individuals representing please call us on (+91) 88888 61634. we will not take responsibility for fraudulent transaction by any person in any manner whatsoever.

When you become members and share your personal information with us, we will use your contact ids to send you updates and new offers we launch for members as and when. However we will never sell your information to third party. We shall send all customer communications by SMS, email or mobile phone.

It is mandatory for service providers to become a member to use our platform to display or enlist their name or their company’s name to generate business and enquiries.

Once you become members we allow you display space depending on the package you take and take you closer to the niche visitors using our websites to find wedding related services.

The personal data service providers share with us to be displayed on website is at their discretion. They may control or withhold information as they wish. We will post only the information they permit us to. The same information is available to those visiting our website and we have no control over who visits our website and how they use the information you have provided.

Before entering into contract with your buyer or customer it is for you to verify their credulity and business interest. assumes no legal responsibility for what happens between you and client or if he misuses information or manipulates contract terms and so on. `We’ signifies our parent, subsidiaries companies, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, and employees.

Likewise when a client you found from our platform and with whom you entered into business contract posts some negative reviews about you online in any forum is not our responsibility.  Any problems between members and merchants will have to be handled at their end without involving as we are only providing a platform for transaction.

Members are not allowed to use information posted on this website for illegal use. It is only meant to be used for personal or commercial purpose.

While every attempt has been made to ascertain the authenticity and motives of members and service providers enlisted on this platform, users should use their own judgement to employ or use the services.

Members may however view, use, copy, and distribute information published here only for internal, non-commercial, informational purposes. Do not involve in data mining, scraping, crawling, or sending automated queries or for sending or receiving any unsolicited commercial e-mails. Apps and other technologies and platforms used on this site are our own property and members are not allowed to replicate or copy them. reserves all the rights to cancel your membership with or without giving you a reason.